How Mad Catz used up its last life

You may well remember Mad Catz fondly from your childhood.

The company, founded in 1989, was one of the go-to brands for third party controllers and other accessories. They weren’t always the best; but they were cheap and generally offered value for money. They were also behind some top quality fighting game sticks, as well as some popular PC accessories like the RAT range of mice.

Yet on March 30th 2017, after a few wobbly years, the peripherals and hardware firm bit the dust and filed for bankruptcy. And while It’s very easy to blame the poor performance of Rock Band 4 for the demise of the company, that was merely the latest in a string of bad decisions going back nearly six years.

In fact, when asked for their reactions to the news that Mad Catz had gone into administration, former employees admit they were surprised the company survived into 2017.

“My first response was: ‘I can’t believe it lasted this long’,” says former Mad Catz VP and Tritton founder Chris von Huben, who left the firm in 2014, says. “In my mind, Mad Catz had been doomed for three years.”

Aaron Smith, former product manager at Tritton and Mad Catz, who also left in 2014, adds: “I can’t say there was any shock from my side, either. It was a long time coming. They hung on for a lot longer than I expected.”

The full story is over on

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