Does French streaming platform Shadow have its head in the clouds?

Once again, streaming is part of the games industry’s future. Just under ten years after OnLive first launched, the likes of Microsoft and Google are betting big on cloud tech with their xCloud and Stadia platforms.

But they aren’t the only players in this new wave of companies looking to beam content to any and all devices via the internet. French firm Blade was founded back in late 2015, with its Shadow streaming platform rolling out two years later. Along the way, it has attracted the tidy sum of over $100m in funding, too, including a $33m investment announced last week.

Unlike its competitors in the space, Shadow is a high-end computer in the cloud. Though it’s being marketed as a games product, consumers can use it for regular applications like Word and Photoshop — paid for by a monthly subscription service. As a result, users can boot up any game they want via platforms like Steam or GOG.

“We are streaming a computer, which means users aren’t limited to a catalogue or a library of games, or some usage that the company has predefined,” says co-founder Emmanuel Freund, who has just stepped down as CEO to have a more hands-on role.

“After that, we also have the technology. We’re the only company to master this level of quality, with the lowest latency in the world.”

The full story is over on

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