REVIEW: Jedi: Fallen Order has moments of brilliance but few original ideas

From the very start there was pressure on Jedi: Fallen Order, which is amazingly just the third Star Wars PC and console game that publisher Electronic Arts has put out since landing the license in May 2013.

Not only does it look to deliver on the promise of a ‘pure’ single-player title in the wake of projects from the likes of Visceral and Motive seemingly being cancelled, but it comes off the back of developer Respawn‘s breakout battle royale game Apex Legends too.

The result is a mixed affair that feels like it has some interesting ideas but none of them are original. At times it feels like a PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 era title with its combination of Uncharted-style exploration and platforming, as well as its combat, which is inspired by From Software’s Dark Souls franchise. While it handles both of these elements competently – with rare glimpses of brilliance – Jedi: Fallen Order fails to do either of these styles of gameplay better than the originals. 

The full review is on Video Games Chronicle

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