What impact has the Epic Games Store had in its first year?

It’s been twelve months since Epic announced and launched its own storefront and during this time, the Fortnite maker has had an undeniable impact on the PC market.

The years preceding Tim Sweeney’s (pictured) company setting up shop were marked by a growing dissatisfaction with Steam. For all intents and purposes, Valve’s platform was a monopoly and so dominant that it was more or less synonymous with PC games as a whole.

Epic’s entry into the space has disrupted the market in some very interesting ways. There has always been competition to Steam, such as CD Projekt’s GOG.com, but Valve hasn’t faced competition with such deep pockets and so much cash to splash.

The Fortnite firm’s 88 per cent revenue share was far more generous that Steam’s 70:30 split, with research from GDC earlier this year saying that Valve wasn’t doing enough to earn its cut of game sales. Epic made developers being compensated a real part of the conversation and has forced its biggest rival to try and win back its industry audience.

Check out the full story over on PCGamesInsider.biz

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