Breaking Into the New Market: Pre-Orders

A game’s launch window is one of the most important parts of its lifecycle. For most titles, this is when the majority of lifetime sales are made. It’s absolutely vital to drive as much excitement and hype as possible during this critical period of time.

One reliable way to do this is by offering pre-order sales, founders packs, and other pre-release goodies. A solid pre-order campaign can even make up 20-30% of your game’s first-year sales.

A successful pre-order sale is more than just money in the bank, it’s a vote of confidence and a measure for how well your game will sell once it’s released. You can use this time to refine your game’s features based on early feedback and plan your marketing strategies down the road.

In short, pre-orders can play a huge role in making sure that your game is a hit. There’s a lot to consider when rolling them out, however. We’ve answered some of the more pressing questions below.

Check out the full piece over on Xsolla’s blog

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