With Carlyle Group in its corner, RuneScape maker Jagex says now is its time to shine

Earlier this week, Jagex announced that it had been bought. Again.

Last year the RuneScape maker was acquired by Macarthur Fortune Holding for $530 million; this time the British games company has been snapped up by – at the time of writing – the world’s second-largest private equity outfit, The Carlyle Group.

No figure has been publicly placed on the deal as of yet, but CEO Phil Mansell (pictured) tells PCGamesInsider.biz it is “a fair assumption” that Jagex went for more than $530 million, especially given the company’s growth during 2020. The exec also says that the deal isn’t entirely about money; having Carlyle in its corner gives Jagex a huge amount of resources to further grow the company.

“There’s a lot of support if you want to expand into new territories or do deals in different parts of the world,” Mansell says. “Carlyle has a lot of expertise in growing companies and that’s exactly what we want to do.”

In the past, The Carlyle Group has dipped its toes into a variety of markets. Its previous investments have included oil and gas pipeline firm Kinder Morgan, US military contractor United Defense, media outlet Getty Images, food and drink giant Dunkin’ Donuts, headphone monster Beats by Dre and fashion behemoth Supreme. But – as far as we can tell – this is the first time that the finance firm has bought a video games company.

Read the full piece over on PCGamesInsider.biz

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