Why the devs behind Roblox’s Adopt Me are launching new studio Uplift Games

Without a doubt, Adopt Me is the biggest hit on Roblox.

During 2020, the game’s monthly active users doubled to hit 60 million in January 2021, while the amount of revenue it was generating rose 400 per cent during this time frame. Just last month, Adopt Me set a new record for concurrent users for a Roblox game, with 1.92 million people logged in at the same time.

Though huge now, the MMO title had more humble beginnings. It was created by users NewFissy and Bethink, who had met on the platform, and initially released in July 2017. To start with, Adopt Me saw users roleplaying as either adopted children or the parents taking them in, but in 2019 the focus shifted towards caring for virtual pets. Following this tweak, the game started to draw in huge crowds – and make some serious money.

Even for people in the games industry, Roblox can seem like a whole other world; something separate, new and unknowable that a lot of us don’t pay close enough attention to. But there’s no denying that Adopt Me boasts some impressive metrics by any measure.

The title was previously being developed by independent studio DreamCraft, though in reality this was just the name of a group on Roblox set up by Adopt Me’s creators. Now, the team behind this smash hit is launching a brand new studio called Uplift Games to work not only on Adopt Me, but potentially other projects in the future.

We caught up with the studio’s director of business operations Josh Ling and lead designer Derrick Fields to find out more.

So, why set up Uplift Games?

Josh Ling: One of the main reasons was the treatment of the people who worked on our team. Previously, we had a lot of contractors that were all spread out across the place. We’ve now unified into a single entity that can provide things like high-quality healthcare to staff in the US, as well as other compensation and benefits packages for employees in the UK. There are other legal, business benefits to having this organisation.

Check out the full article over on PCGamesInsider.biz


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