Why some of the team behind Dead Space are returning to sci-fi horror with The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol isn’t the game that many of us were expecting from Striking Distance, but it’s not exactly a surprise.

The studio was founded last year by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds maker PUBG Corp with Visceral and Sledgehammer vet Glen Schofield at the helm. The outfit said that it was working on an “original narrative experience” set in the same world as the company’s battle royale hit.

So it was a bit of a shock when the trailer for its debut project – sci-fi survival horror project The Callisto Protocol – rolled at The Game Awards. But then again, it’s hardly surprising given that many of the studio’s staff previously worked at EA’s Visceral studio on the Dead Space series.

We caught up with Striking Distance’s chief development officer – and former Visceral general manager – Steve Papoutsis (pictured) to find out a bit more about this new project.

VG247: So, when you started out with The Callisto Protocol, what was the core idea?

Steve Papoutsis: There’s just a passion here for horror games from me, Glen and some of the wonderful team we have assembled. We were hoping to do something that was single-player driven, story-focused that provided a lot of opportunities for scares. We had some cool ideas around the theme in terms of where it’s going to take place – on a prison colony on Jupiter’s dead moon, Callisto. That was literally the top-line lift pitch.

You can read the full piece over on VG247

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