How Creative Assembly gets kids interested in video game careers

For many, the video games industry is something of a black box. It’s not uncommon for those outside the market to see it as a far-off dream where coders produce blockbusters like Grand Theft Auto.

As a result, it’s hard for a lot of people to consider a career in the games industry. Many don’t know what it involves, what skills are required to land a job, or even where to start looking for one in this fast-growing sector.

But one company has been trying to rip down this wall and show people that working in the games industry can be a reality. Since 2014, Horsham-based studio Creative Assembly – best known for the Total War series of strategy games, as well as horror title Alien: Isolation – has been running the Legacy Project.

Spearheaded by the company’s head of talent Emma Smith, this initiative was originally intended as a way of working more closely with educators following the introduction of the Computer Science GCSE in 2012.

“We had an outpouring of people in the studio that really wanted to give something back to education,” Smith explains. “They wanted to share their passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise with teachers and students.”

The full piece is over on Barclays Eagle Labs


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